Carmalee Scarppitti

In 2010, seven years after a bad wreck with a drunk driver, Horses for Hope gave me the opportunity to take therapeutic riding (TR) lessons. At that time I could barely walk with 2 crutches. After a year of lessons (and no other PT) I could walk fairly well with only 1 crutch! This was nothing short of a miracle!

Now I am able to walk well enough with one crutch that I lead horses for TR lessons. I love working with other riders with disabilities and seeing the amazing difference that TR makes for them. I wish that we had the volunteer base to be able to offer more TR classes because I know first hand how it changes lives! If you can walk for about a half hour at a time and like helping people we can train you to volunteer for TR.

I have also served as Vice-president on the Board of Directors. This has allowed me to see the work that many other volunteers put into HfH. Things like fundraising, website development and management, social media presence, organizing events, contacting media, publicizing our services, keeping up with databases and so much more.