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Poor Hank…

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Hello HfH friends and supporters! We are asking for help for one of our absolute most BELOVED ponies – Hank! Last week it was found that Hank has an irritated mass on his penis suspected to be Squamous Cell Carcinoma. The outlook is promising once he undergoes a surgery/procedure where our vet will remove the mass and do a biopsy to verify exactly what it is. Then they can treat it with cryotherapy and/or other types of treatments dependent on results of the biopsy. Hank is SO special to so many people. He is a 17 year old Quarter Pony who is very valuable to our program and LOVES kids. He does it all! He’s used in our therapeutic program, he’s used in camp and beginner lessons, he’s a cute jumper and he has barrel raced.
The cost for his procedure will be $732 and the follow up will be $391. Our goal for this fundraiser is $1500 in case of any other expenses incurred or other follow ups needed. All funds will go directly to Hank’s surgery and if we go past our goal, funds will go to other veterinary needs for our wonderful herd. Please help us help him so he can continue being a blessing for all his riders to come. We really appreciate any and all support! Please see our donate page on this website or venmo Gwen @Gwen-Roberts-10 Remember to put Hank on the memo line.
(As a note on some of our horse needs: sadly we lost 2 horses in 2022. Additionally the cost of horses have increased – a bale of hay went up almost 50%. We need to buy additional horses and they have increased over 200% for a quality horse that fits our needs. So please if you feel like donating – or sponsoring, contact us.)

Our horses are the heart of our program

Good manners, an easy-going attitude, and patience are some of the qualities that we look for in our therapy horses. We take great care in selecting just the right horses for our program. Each horse goes through a stringent trial and training period before they are accepted. Currently some of the breeds at Horses for Hope include Quarter Horses, Halflingers, Miniature Horses, Paints, & Thoroughbreds.

“Our horses are so amazing. I have seen them change their demeanor to accommodate the needs of the rider.  One time a rider with autism was having a meltdown on a horse and the horse remained so calm, he never got scared or anxious.  It was as if the horse sensed this rider needed special consideration.  It was truly an amazing thing to witness.”

Tony Roberts
Horsemanship Instructor