DOB: 5/28/02

Joined the Herd: 11/11/18

Breed: Double Registered AQHA and PHBA

Sex: Mare

Color: Palomino

Goldie “ILB Step N Gold” just joined our herd! Isn’t she pretty? She was originally trained for reining and her prior owner primarily used her for trail riding.  She is recovering from an injury to her foot and will then be trained for our lesson program.

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  1. Thank you! She is beautiful. She is currently lame on her right front and we are working on finding out what the cause is – her prior owner thinks she hurt herself being chased by another horse at her boarding barn right before we bought her. Hopefully it is a stone bruise that may take a few weeks to resolve. We can’t wait to try her out at HfH!

  2. Hello
    My name is Amy. I have leaved here my whole life. I am looking at leasing or riding horses in my area. I am looking for theraptic activities to help with my PTSD. I grew up riding and know it’s very peaceful. Please let me know what all I need to do, and if you all can help.

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