Capital Campaign

Horses for Hope has approximately 40 families currently being served in our NO-COST Therapeutic Riding program as well as 5 classes for high functioning special needs students, including one class for visually impaired riders.  With a waiting list of approximately 250 special needs families, we desperately need to expand to meet this ever-increasing need.  In order to do that we need to purchase land and build a facility or purchase an existing equine facility.  We have found such a property locally located to our current facility.  We need to raise five million dollars to purchase this facility and to build a much needed indoor riding arena that would allow us to operate year-round and expand our services to include farm activities, fishing, camping & serving meals to the families while at the farm.  Without an indoor arena we are limited to a ten-week session in the spring and another ten-week session in the fall due to weather extremes in North Carolina.  We need your help to make this expansion possible.

Horses for Hope will raise and sustain the financial resources necessary to achieve our vision by:

  • Developing and implementing a clearly-defined and functioning business plan by March 2017.
  • Developing and implementing a robust fundraising program by March 2017.
  • Implement an initial fundraising program with a target goal of $100,000 by December 2017 that will also serve as a feasibility study for our Capital Campaign.
  • Implement a $5,000,000 Capital Campaign beginning in 2018 and concluding in 2020.

Help Us Grow!

We are looking for a new facility and need everyone’s help. Please click the expansion tab to see how you can be part of this exciting chapter in Horses for Hope.