Meet Our Horses


DOB: 1/10/10 Joined the Herd: 12/31/15 Breed: Morgan cross Sex: Mare Color: Sorrel Angle is used in our riding program.


DOB: 6/01/06 Joined the Herd:  2012 Breed: American Paint Horse Sex: Gelding Color: Sorrel and white paint Apollo came to Horses for Hope in poor condition due to his previous owner being unable to care for him. After nursing him back to health he has become a favorite with our riders.


DOB: 1/01/10 Joined the Herd: 2014 Breed: Miniature Horse Sex: Gelding Color: Blue Roan Bandit’s previous owner donated him to Horses for Hope so he could help people. He is used for camps and in our 4-H program.


DOB: 1/18/13 Joined the Herd: 2013 Breed: PtHA Halflinger/Paint Sex: Gelding Chase is currently in the Triangle Horsemanship training program.


DOB: 5/01/99 Joined the Herd: 2004 Breed: Miniature Horse Sex: Gelding Color: Sorrel Clay was one of the first miniature horses at Horses for Hope.  Clay helped a little girl learn to read and to not be so shy!  He would stand and listen to her read while she sat on a blanket beside him.  He is used […]


DOB: Joined the Herd: 2016 Breed: Miniature Horse Sex: Gelding Color: Buttermilk Buckskin Cooper was a rescue in reverse!  This miniature horse was extremely obese when he came to us in the summer of 2016.  In the first picture below you can see the wrinkles in his neck slightly turned – he was so fat he could […]


DOB: 5/01/92 Joined the Herd: 1992 Breed: Quarter Pony Sex: Gelding Color: Sorrel with Blue Eyes Diablo was born at Horses for Hope and Sox is his sire.  He was our second therapy horse and is used for therapeutic riding and able-bodied lessons.


DOB: 1/01/16 Joined the Herd: 2016 Breed: Miniature Horse Sex: Gelding Color: Appaloosa Domino is a large miniature horse. Do you see how he got his name? He is used for our camp programs.


DOB: 1/1/2002 Joined the Herd: December 2017 Breed: Quarter Horse Sex: Mare Color: Bay Ellie was was previously a ranch horse and came to us from Alabama.  She is a beautiful bay with a bald face and 4 white socks.  She is used in therapeutic riding and able-bodied lessons.  


DOB: 5/28/02 Joined the Herd: 11/11/18 Breed: Double Registered AQHA and PHBA Sex: Mare Color: Palomino Goldie “ILB Step N Gold” just joined our herd! Isn’t she pretty? She was originally trained for reining and her prior owner primarily used her for trail riding.  She is recovering from an injury to her foot and will then […]


DOB: 5/02/14 Joined the Herd: 5/2/14 Breed: APHA Sex: Gelding Color: Sorrel and White Tobiano Gunner was born at Horses for Hope and is Stormy and Titan’s big brother. He is currently in training.


DOB: 1/1/2004 Joined the Herd: 2008 Breed: Quarter Pony Sex: Gelding Color: Light Palomino Hank is one of our best lesson ponies and is the favorite of many riders! He is used in our therapeutic and able-bodied lesson programs.


DOB: 1/01/02 I joined the herd in 2014. Mama Gwen Gwen bought me at the auction.  I used to be a trail horse and I am a paint draft mix tri-colored mare.  They named me Liberty because I’m big like the Statue of Liberty and I help people by being a therapy horse.


A Little Too Much aka “Lilbit” is an APHA registered tobiano bay Paint.  He joined the herd on 11/11/18.  He is a big boned horse that has been a trail horse as well as a lesson horse.  We think he will also be a terrific therapeutic riding horse too.


DOB: 1/01/10 I joined the herd in 2013 as a donation.  I am a miniature sorrel blanket appaloosa gelding.  One of my favorite things to do here at Horses for Hope is summer camps.  It’s really fun working with the kids and teaching them about horses.


Pete joined the HfH herd in December 2017.  He is an unregistered paint horse and was 7 years old when purchased at an auction house.  We are retraining him to become a therapy and lesson horse.


DOB: 1/01/10 Joined the Herd: 2014 Pongo is a miniature Appaloosa gelding who was donated to us in 2014.  He is friendly and likes to meet people! Pongo is a part of our camps and the 4-H program. Check out Pongo’s spots in this photo!


DOB: 5/11/10 Joined the Herd: 2014 Breed: Miniature Horse Sex: Gelding Color: Buckskin and White Paint Prince is a miniature horse who is used in our camp and 4-H programs. He has really responded well to the additional training with the 4-H members.


Rain is a red roan grade POA mare born in 2010.  She was previously used as a lesson horse and trail horse.  She joined our herd 12/1/18. (PHOTOS coming soon).


DOB: 1/01/13 I joined the herd in December 2016 and I’m a Appaloosa / Mustang mix gelding.   I didn’t have much training when I came to Horses for Hope and didn’t have much respect for people.  I escaped on Christmas day and probably covered 4 – 5 miles before they caught me.  Man let […]


DOB: 3/13/13 I was born at Horses for Hope and I love it here. I am a PtHA registered Halflinger/Paint gelding.  When I was about six months old I got into some Fire-ants and they really stung my front legs bad.  Mr. Tony tried to catch me so he could wash my legs with cool […]


DOB: 7/01/03 I joined the herd in 2003 at 4 months of age after mama Gwen Gwen bought me from a miniature horse breeder – I came with Clay and Shamu.  I am a miniature black gelding.


DOB: 5/30/98 I joined the herd in 2004 after being donated by a miniature horse breeder.  I had a severe front leg injury and was only able to use 3 legs so my prior owner was going to euthanize me but Gwen felt she could rehab me so one day I could walk on 4 […]


DOB: 1/01/07 I joined the herd in 2015.  I am a grey paint cross mare.  One of the coolest things I’ve done here at Horses for Hope was to work with this guy who is a recovering drug addict.  I really enjoyed helping him in his recovery.  He’s moved on now and I really miss […]


DOB: 4/11/99 I joined the herd in 2000.  I am an AQHA registered sorrel mare.  Mama Gwen Gwen won me in an internet horse giveaway.  I’m glad my previous owner donated me to the giveaway because I love it here at Horses for Hope.  Did you know I am the third therapy horse to be used […]


DOB: 4/11/06 I joined the herd in 2011 after being donated. I was almost dead from starvation when I came to Horses for Hope.  I’m soooo glad to be here and to have plenty to eat, thank you mama Gwen Gwen for nursing me back to health.  I do have one question though, why did […]

Snowdrop of Lexlin

Snowdrop is a Gypsy Vanner horse that was awarded to Horses for Hope from the LexLin Gypsy Ranch through their Gypsy Gift Horse program for PATH Int’l Therapeutic Riding centers.  Snowdrop joined the HfH herd on April 20, 2018 and she is sweet as can be and LOVES to be with people.  She was born […]


DOB: 2/01/86 I am an AQHA bay gelding and was the first therapy horse here in 2004.  Before I became a gelding I had a son named Diablo, he lives here at Horses for Hope with me.  Mama Gwen Gwen bought me when I was five years old and taught me how to barrel race. […]


Spirit joined the HfH herd in the summer of 2017.  He is a cute bay strawberry roan medium/large Welsh pony. He is a mischievous guy always looking to create trouble with Rocky – especially at feeding time.  When he first arrived he turned into a nippy kind of pony so the behavior sent him into […]


DOB: 4/29/16 I was born here at Horses For Hope. I am an ApHC registered leopard appaloosa.  I am in training now so that I can be used in therapy lessons.  I’m excited about being able to help people.  My mom is Sienna, Gunner is my brother and Titan is my cousin.  They really look […]


DOB: 5/24/14 I was born at Horses for Hope. I am an APHA registered sorrel tobiano gelding.  When I was being born I got stuck and my mom couldn’t get me all of the way out so Mr. Tony grabbed my front leg and pulled me the rest of the way out.  Boy was I glad […]


DOB: 3/25/03 I joined the herd in 2014 after being bought at the auction. I am an APHA registered bay (tri-colored) tobiano paint gelding.  Before coming to Horses for Hope, I used to work on a ranch but this is much easier.


DOB: 5/21/16 I was born at the NCSU Health Center and joined the Horses for Hope herd in 2016.  I am a Quarter Horse/Haflinger Cross foal and I have just started my training.  When Mama Gwen Gwen and Colleen came to get me they put me in this big metal box that took me away from my […]