Horsemanship Classes

At Horses for Hope we teach and practice Natural Horsemanship.  What is Natural Horsemanship you might ask? Natural Horsemanship is a philosophy of working with horses based on the horse’s natural instincts and methods of communication.  We believe that horses are best taught using the application and release of pressure instead of fear and pain.  This pressure can be anything from a touch, object, look or even how you position your body when working with the horse.

Horses have a highly developed communication system in which they use body language to communicate with each other.  In our Horsemanship classes students learn how to recognize this body language and then how to use it themselves to communicate with the horse.  This type of communication helps the horse to stay calm and relaxed during it’s training and to really bond with it’s handler.  When this bond happens the results can be amazing.

All students interested in Horsemanship Classes start at the Beginner Level and include Intermediate, Advanced and Professional levels.  Students can advance through the progressions as far as they like.  All levels of our Horsemanship program start with a series of groundwork exercises followed by a series of riding exercises.  For example, in the Beginner Level Horsemanship class students would complete 14 groundwork exercises before starting the 15 riding exercises.

If you would like more information on our Horsemanship Program please email