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Hello everyone, keep an eye on HfH Happenings for bi-weekly updates of whats going on around the barn and up coming events.

  • Hay Delivery today 4/15/17.  This morning we had 363 bales of hay delivered.  You may be surprised to know that we go through 6 – 7 bales per day to feed the number of horses we have.  With six volunteers working together we made short work of moving it from the delivery trailer to our storage trailer.  If you’d like to help with this chore we will be doing it again in less that sixty days.  We will announce the next delivery date on HfH Happenings around the first week of June.
  • Construction:  On 4/18/17 our much needed roof replacement begins.  Two local companies; Commercial Solutions and Baker Roofing are teaming up to provide this incredible gift for HfH.  We have lost the full use of one third of our barn due to roof leaks and this new roof will give us our entire barn back and better enable us to serve our special needs clients.
  • Training:  In an effort to get more consistency and better responsive with our horse we have implemented an intense training program that all or our horses will be participating in.  Titan and Romeo: the first horses to go through our new Beginner Horsemanship Program continue to progress and are only weeks away from from completing this initial phase of their training.    We plan to start videoing these training sessions and post them on our web site soon.  A special thanks to Colleen Dalton for all of her help in grooming these horses and getting them ready for me to work with each day.  Her help makes it possible for me to work with 3 – 4 horses per day as opposed to 1 – 2.
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